Shapoor Ansari

Shapoor Ansari

While in Monroe, Dr. Ansari served as chairman of the Intensive Care Unit at Mercy Hospital and Memorial Hospital for ten years, from 1970 through 1980. He took on many responsibilities during his time in Monroe Hospitals, including serving as an elected member of the Board of Directors of Mercy Memorial Hospital from 1975-1977. Additionally, he served as Chairman of the Utilization Committee, Infection Committee, Medical Records Committee, and Trauma Service.


Alongside his work in the hospital, Dr. Ansari simultaneously built the first modern, multiple speciality clinic in Monroe, allowing him to introduce 37 badly needed physicians to the community. The Monroe Chamber of Commerce elected him to the Board of Directors of the Chamber in response.


From 1985 through 1989 Dr. Ansari was a faculty member in the Department of Cardiac Surgery at the Medical College of Ohio. His responsibilities included performing the adult, high-risk cardiac surgery cases. Dr. Ansari also screened applicants as a member of the admission committee of the medical school.


In 1989 Dr. Ansari was invited by the Iranian Government to begin coronary surgery training in Iran. He spent the following three years training more than 20 cardiac surgeons, who became the first surgeons to perform coronary surgery in Iran. Until that point, all coronary surgery cases were sent outside of Iran.


In 1993, Dr. Ansari was hired by North Oakland Medical Center as a geographical full-time faculty for the training of surgical residents.


It was, however, his interest in both science and culture that led Dr. Ansari to Baku, Azerbaijan in 1975 with the first group of American doctors to visit that Caspian capital. Moreover, his great passion for Azerbaijani history, culture, music, and literature has remained very strong over the years. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, he has made numerous trips to Baku.


From 1987 to 2000, these trips consisted in large part of his volunteer training of physicians from Baku hospitals in western style medicine. His volunteer services in Azerbaijan have been executed with the desire to contribute to the advancement of the health care in that country for the benefit of the Azerbaijani people. In this same vein, Dr. Ansari brought the head of Baku’s Cardiac Surgery Department to the United States in 1990, arranging for his training at the Medical College of Ohio.


His love of Azerbaijani music spurred him to invite renowned opera singers Fidan and Khuraman Kasimova, as well virtuosic pianist Chingiz Sadikov to his home in the United States in 1997 and 1998. While there, he organized auditions for them with opera directors in both New York and Detroit, as well sponsored a concert for them at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall in 1997.


In 1990, along with two friends— the late Dr. Frugh and Elin Suleymanov—the first Azerbaijani American Friendship Society in the Midwest was founded in Dr. Ansari’s home. This organization serves to organize events for the promotion and dissemination of Azerbaijani culture in the United States.


Dr. Ansari has been in charge of quality control at a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in San Francisco area for the past 3 years while maintaining Medical Director position in Alice Lorraine Care Center in Michigan.