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The USACC Investment Guide to Azerbaijan is a yearly publication designed to capture the essence of prospective Azerbaijani markets and convey avenues for trade expansion with the United States. The publication is pleased to invite articles for the upcoming edition to continue stimulating investment probability with Azerbaijan. On the verge of major economic headway, the nation offers significant possibilities for US involvement. Given Azerbaijan’s progressive infrastructure beside enormous potential, communicating its global capabilities is of paramount importance. Through rising international trade, Azerbaijan’s role becomes clearer and capacity more evident. For this reason, further administering growth and awareness across all sectors of this emerging market is vital to its prosperity.

In addition to tailored support for high-level business development, the U.S.-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce displays a utilized network of local & state governments, trade associations, and businesses for distribution purposes. For this year’s issuance, we are seeking analyses of high-profile investment efforts currently taking place and near-future opportunities for amplified trading within specific sectors. The underlying focus should be to optimize interest and relevance in attracting foreign capital into Azerbaijan and to inspire development and diversification of bilateral trade with the US. Continuing this upward trend is manageable, to say the least, and will be attained through your help!

Submissions should be approx. 700-1000 words in length and will be sent no later than the end of January 2021. Thorough abstracts are highly encouraged, please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have, as we would be more than happy to clarify them with you. Moreover, there is also an opportunity for private business promotion, so please feel open to reach out on that note via email at [email protected]. Thank you for your involvement and due diligence, we hope to collaborate with you soon!