USACC Hosts Landmark Web Conference: “Charting a Sustainable Future of Air Cargo – Towards Greener Skies”

Washington, D.C. – The United States-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce (USACC) successfully hosted an enlightening webinar titled “Charting a Sustainable Future of Air Cargo – Towards Greener Skies” on December 7th, 2023, coinciding with International Aviation Day. This pivotal event brought together industry experts and government representatives to discuss groundbreaking developments and sustainable practices in the air cargo industry.

The webinar focused on the significant steps being taken towards reducing the aviation sector’s carbon footprint, highlighted by Silkway West Airlines’ recent acquisition of the Boeing 777 Freighter. This addition to their fleet marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of aviation sustainability.

Keynote Speakers and Insights:

Alan Mitchell, Senior Advisor (Climate and Environment), Office of International Aviation, U.S. Department of Transportation, presented the “U.S. Aviation Climate Action Plan,” emphasizing government initiatives to support sustainable aviation.

Kamran Babayev, Advisor to President, Environmental Management System, Silkway West Airlines, discussed “Silkway West Airlines: Pioneering Sustainable Air Cargo,” focusing on the airline’s commitment to sustainable operations and its collaboration with Boeing.

John Perdoch, Director, Product Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, introduced the “Boeing 777 Freighter: A Jump Towards Greener Skies,” outlining Boeing’s vision for a more sustainable air cargo future.

Andrew Meloan, Offer Manager, Emerging Renewable Fuels Technologies, Honeywell, shared insights on “Honeywell’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel Perspective,” highlighting the role of innovative fuels in transforming the industry.

The event commenced with an introduction by Natig Bakhisov, Executive Director of the USACC. He highlighted the pivotal role of the chamber in cultivating bilateral relations between the United States and Azerbaijan. Additionally, Bakhisov emphasized the significance of the discussions held during the recovery period for the aviation industry following the COVID-19 slowdown, underscoring the potential for the industry to embrace sustainability fully. Following Natig Bakhisov’s introduction, each speaker provided valuable insights into their respective areas of expertise, shedding light on the various aspects of achieving a sustainable future in air cargo.

The webinar’s interactive Q&A session allowed audience members to engage directly with the experts, probing deeper into topics like Sustainable Aviation Fuels and the future of the industry.


Source: USACC